Incubating the new Sympa documentation site

Install Sympa distribution: RPM package

Currently, these YUM/DNF repositories are provided by volunteers.

If you have been using Repository on, you are recommended to use it for the recent release. Otherwise, you are recommended to use COPR sympa repository.

If you wish to use pre-release (beta) versions of Sympa, use COPR sympa-beta repository which is compatible to COPR sympa repository.




  1. Add Sympa repository.

    Download a configuration file of either repository:

    and save it in /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory.

    Then update cache:

    # yum makecache

    or (if you are using DNF)

    # dnf makecache
  2. Install Sympa:

    # yum install sympa

    or (if you are using DNF)

    # dnf install sympa

By the steps above, Sympa and dependent packages will be installed.


  1. Update yum, dependent packages and then Sympa packages:
    # yum update yum
    # yum update --exclude='sympa*'
    # yum update sympa

    or (if you are using DNF)

    # dnf update dnf
    # dnf update --exclude='sympa*'
    # dnf update sympa

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