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Install dependent modules

Binary distributions

If you installed binary distribution (apt, RPM, ports, …), required dependent modules may have been installed: You can skip this section.

Using sympa_wizard


Run sympa_wizard to install dependent modules.

# --check

It checks your system, gets lacking or outdated modules from CPAN and installs them.

Using cpanminus (cpanm)




To install (or upgrade) required and recommended dependent modules, run:

$ cd <top of source>
# cpanm --installdeps --with-recommends .

To install also modules required for development tasks:

$ cd <top of source>
# cpanm --installdeps --with-recommends --with-develop .

Using package management tools

Also, you can use any package management tools on your system (apt, yum, pkg, …) or generic tools (cpan, …).

To know what modules you should install, see cpanfile file. This file is put in the top of source tarball, and when Sympa has been installed, it is put in $MODULEDIR directory.


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