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Moving to another server

If you’re upgrading and moving to another server at the same time, we recommend you first to stop the operational service, move your data and then upgrade Sympa on the new server. This will guarantee that Sympa upgrade procedures have been applied on the data.

The migration process requires that you move the following data from the old server to the new one:

In some cases, you may want to install the new version and run it for a few days before switching the existing service to the new Sympa server. In this case, perform a new installation with an empty database and play with it. When you decide to move the existing service to the new server:

  1. Stop all sympa processes on both servers.
  2. Transfer the database.
  3. Edit the data_structure.version file on the new server to change the version value to reflect the old number.
  4. Run “ --upgrade”. It will upgrade the database structure according to the hop you do.

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