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Upgrading Sympa in place

Upgrading process overview

  1. Preparation.

  2. Stop the services.

  3. Back up everything.

  4. Install new version of Sympa.

  5. Upgrade data.

  6. Restart services.


First, read the following notes:

If imcompatible changes had been made, these notes may state them and describe measures you can take.

Stop the services

See also “Stopping services”.

Back up everything

It is recommended to back up all configurations and database in advance.

Install new version of Sympa

Binary distributions

Update all packages you have installed, including Sympa itself. See the documentation of each distribution to know how to update packages.

General instruction

  1. Install new version of Sympa distribution according to description in “Install Sympa distribution”.

  2. Update dependent modules if necessary according to description in “Install dependent modules”.

Upgrade data

  1. If you have installed Sympa from source distribution, run:
    # --upgrade

    This will upgrade database schema and reload configuration caches (On binary releases, this step will be done automatically).

  2. If the Release Notes suggest any manual adjustments, carry out them.

Restart services

See also “Starting services”.

Restart services and check if the system will work properly.

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