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Configure mail server: Sendmail


General instruction

  1. Set domain parameter. Add following line to sympa.conf (Note: replace

    Also, if path of sendmail executable file is differ from the default value of sendmail parameter, /usr/sbin/sendmail, define it. For example:

    sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail
  2. Edit (Note: replace $SYSCONFDIR and $SENDMAIL_ALIASES below):

    • Add AliasFile lines to
      O AliasFile=$SYSCONFDIR/aliases.sympa.sendmail
    • Or, if you are generating by “cf” package, edit to add paths to argument of ALIAS_FILE macro:
      define(`ALIAS_FILE', `(...exisitng value...),$SYSCONFDIR/aliases.sympa.sendmail,$SENDMAIL_ALIASES')

      then recompile

  3. Save following excerpt as aliases.sympa.sendmail file in $SYSCONFDIR and edit it as you prefer (Note: replace $LIBEXECDIR and below):
    # Robot aliases for Sympa.
    sympa:                 "| $LIBEXECDIR/queue"
    listmaster:            "| $LIBEXECDIR/queue"
    bounce+*:              "| $LIBEXECDIR/bouncequeue"
    abuse-feedback-report: "| $LIBEXECDIR/bouncequeue"
    sympa-request:         postmaster
    sympa-owner:           postmaster
    #listserv:             sympa
    #listserv-request:     sympa-request
    #majordomo:            sympa
    #listserv-owner:       sympa-owner
  4. Create empty $SENDMAIL_ALIASES file (Note: replace $SENDMAIL_ALIASES below):
    chmod 640 $SENDMAIL_ALIASES
    chown sympa:sympa $SENDMAIL_ALIASES

    then create alias databases:

    # newaliases
  5. Restart Sendmail.
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