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Configure HTTP server: lighttpd



General instruction

  1. If you have not added configuration for Sympa to lighttpd, add following excerpt (Note: replace $EXECCGIDIR and $STATICDIR):
    server.modules += ("mod_fastcgi")
    server.modules += ("mod_alias")
    alias.url += ( "/static-sympa/" => "$STATICDIR/" )
    $HTTP["url"] =~ "^/sympa" {
    fastcgi.server = ( "/sympa" =>
        ((    "check-local"    =>    "disable",
            "bin-path"    =>    "$EXECCGIDIR/wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi",
            "socket"    =>    "/var/run/lighttpd/sympa.sock",
            "max-procs"    =>     2,
            "idle-timeout"    =>     20,


    • Some binary distributions ship configuration ready to edit:

      • On RPM, /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/sympa.conf file is prepared by sympa-lighttpd package. To add it to configuration, you might want to add a line at the bottom in lighttpd.conf:
        include conf.d/sympa.conf

  2. Edit it as you prefer.

  3. Create a directory /var/run/lighttpd that is writable by lighttpd processes:

    # mkdir /var/run/lighttpd
    # chown lighttpd /var/run/lighttpd
  4. Restart lighttpd.

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