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Managing services

Services overview

Sympa services

Several daemons collaboratively provide mailing list service.

And optionally:

Mail transfer agent (MTA)

Mail transfer agent (MTA) injects incoming messages into incoming spool of Sympa, and takes outgoing messages from Sympa up to distribute them beyond Internet.

HTTP server and WWSympa

HTTP server provides users web interface on behalf of WWSympa (wwsympa.fcgi), the FastCGI server.

WWSympa may either be invoked by HTTP server or launch as an independent daemon.

Database server

Database server provides backend database for services above.


Daemons of Sympa services accept following signals:

Anyway, recommended procedure to reload, stop or start the services is described in succeeding sections.

Checking status of services

Checking status of Sympa services

Reloading services

Reloading Sympa services

Reloading WWSympa

Stopping and starting services

Stopping services

  1. Ensure that HTTP server is stopping.

    If you are running separate FastCGI service, only that service (wwsympa) may be stopped in many cases: HTTP server itself may not be stopped.

  2. Ensure that mail server is stopping.

  3. Stop Sympa services.

    • Systemd:
      # systemctl stop sympa
      # systemctl status sympa
    • initscripts:
      # service sympa stop
      # service sympa status
  4. Database service may be stopped when all services above are stopping.

Starting services

  1. Ensure that database service is running.

  2. Start Sympa services.

    • Systemd:
      # systemctl start sympa
      # systemctl status sympa
    • initscripts or FreeBSD ports:
      # service sympa start
      # service sympa status
  3. Start mail server.

  4. Start HTTP server, if necessary.

    If you are running separate FastCGI service, that service (wwsympa) must be started along with HTTP server itself.

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