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upgrade_sympa_password, - Upgrading password in database

SYNOPSIS [--dry_run|-n] [--debug|d] [--verbose|v] [--config file ] [--cache file] [--nosavecache] [--noupdateuser] [--limit|l number_of_users]



Versions later than 5.4 use one-way hashes instead of symmetric encryption to store passwords. This script upgrades any symmetric encrypted passwords it finds to one-way hashes.

Versions later than 6.2.26 support bcrypt.

This upgrade requires to rewriting user password entries in the database. This upgrade IS NOT REVERSIBLE.


As of Sympa 3.1b.7, passwords may be stored into user table with encrypted form by reversible RC4.

Sympa 5.4 or later uses MD5 one-way hash function to encode user passwords.

Sympa 6.2.26 or later has optional support for bcrypt.

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