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sympa_automatic, - Automatic list creation daemon

SYNOPSIS, --debug ] [ -f, --file=another.sympa.conf ] [ -k, --keepcopy=directory ] [ [ -m, --mail ] [ -h, --help ] [ -v, --version ]

DESCRIPTION is a program which scans permanently the automatic creation spool and processes each message.

If the list a message is bound for has not been there and list creation is authorized, it will be created. Then the message is stored into incoming message spool again and wait for processing by

OPTIONS may run with following options in general. may run in daemon mode with following options.

With following options will print some information and exit.


/etc/sympa/sympa.conf main configuration file.

$PIDDIR/ this file contains the process ID of


sympa.conf(5), sympa_msg(8).


HISTORY was originally written by:

As of Sympa 6.2b.4, it was split into three programs: (later renamed to sympa) command line utility, daemon and daemon.

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